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On Thursday, January 9th 7,500 gallons of coal processing chemicals spilled into West Virginia's Elk River. As a result, 300,000 people in nine counties we're ordered not to use the water, not to drink, bath or wash clothes with it. One week into the crisis, many were still without water and thousands have reported exposure symptoms from the chemical.

This is an outrage. Water is a human right. Not only that but coal industry and its suppliers have been poisoning West Virginia's water for decades. But with the ongoing crisis the mainstream media is not calling out the coal industry for their long history of human rights abuses. We can change that.

The opinion page is the most read section of the newspaper. If you write to the editor, your letter could easily be published and make sure thousands of others know that the crisis continues. If we put a national spotlight on the water crisis, federal and local officials will be pressured to guarantee water to communities in West Virginia, hold the coal industry accountable, and think more boldy about transitioning the country from dirty to clean energy.

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