Call for America's Mountains

Despite hopes that the EPA's latest guidelines on mountaintop removal would curb the practice of dumping poisonous mining debris into valleys and streams, the EPA has just green-lighted a mountaintop removal mining for the Pine Creek mine in West Virginia.

The Pine Creek mine will blast apart mountain ridges and dump the resulting debris into the valleys below, laying waste to more than 700 acres of pristine forest and contaminating over two miles of streams.

Dangerous levels of pollution caused by surface mining already exist in the streams of this region, which has a devastating impact on aquatic life and local residents who, like all of us, need clean drinking water.

Call EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson today and demand that mountaintop removal mining be abolished for good!

Here's how:

1. Dial Lisa Jackson's office at 202-564-4700.

2. If a person answers the call, ask to speak with Administrator Jackson regarding the Pine Creek surface mine permit in West Virginia.

3. If you reach Administrator Jackson, great! You could also end up leaving a message with her assistant.

4. Start by saying your NAME and WHERE YOU ARE FROM.

5. Deliver your message: "I'm calling you today because I am extremely disappointed by the EPA's decision to allow the Pine Creek surface mine in West Virginia to move forward. This mine represents more of the same destructive mountaintop removal coal mining that has devastated Appalachia for years. The EPA needs to take a stand and protect the water quality of Appalachia and end mountaintop removal once and for all."

6. Thank the person who took the message directly, or who will listen to the voicemail message, and hang up.

Great job!  Please fill in the form below to let us know you called!

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