Cargill: Stop Destroying Rainforests for Palm Oil

Cargill recently announced the start of a new collaborative effort with WWF to evaluate the environmental practices of Cargill’s palm oil suppliers, including the infamous rainforest destroyer Sinar Mas Group. While this is a good step towards holding Cargill’s external palm oil suppliers accountable, this step does not address the most direct example of Cargill’s hand in rainforest destruction: their very own palm oil plantations in Borneo.

Earlier this year, RAN released a report exposing Cargill’s illegal conversion of Indonesian rainforests to palm oil plantations, which involves the clearing and burning of thousands of acres of rainforest, pushing out forest communities and destroying precious habitat for endangered species like the orangutan.

Cargill executives denied the findings in our report and have not yet responded to RAN’s demands that they adopt a palm oil policy.

It will take all of our voices together to make sure this agribusiness giant hears us. Write to Cargill executives and board members today and demand that they stop replacing ancient, biodiverse rainforests with palm oil monoculture plantations.


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