Congratulate John Watson For Being Inducted Into the Corporate Hall of Shame

Just one year after CEO John Watson took charge of the company, Chevron has been inducted into the “Corporate Hall of Shame” along with other truly shameful corporations like BP and Monstanto.

Here’s how you can call Chevron CEO John Watson right now and "congratulate" him for steering his company into the Corporate Hall of Shame

1. Call 925-842-9232 925-842-3232. Your call will be answered by a secretary. Ask to speak with John Watson. If you’re asked if you want to leave a message, say yes.

2. Here’s a sample call script you can use for your message:
I’m calling to tell Mr. Watson that it is shameful that he’s been around for a year, and yet has done nothing to accept responsibility for Chevron’s 18 billion gallons of oil waste pollution in the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Thousands of Indigenous and campesino Ecuadoreans are still suffering from the effects of Chevron’s pollution, but instead of cleaning up its mess, Chevron spends millions on high-priced lawyers and a fancy ad campaign designed to convince us all that the company is really concerned about human rights and the environment.

Until Chevron does the right thing and cleans up Ecuador, John Watson and Chevron should be ashamed of themselves.

3. Let us know how it went after you call by filling out the form below!

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