Stop Coal Exports

Coal PortCoal kingpin Ambre Energy is making a major push to build America's first West Coast coal port in the Pacific Northwest, and it's chosen the breathtaking Columbia River as the main artery for shipping millions of tons of coal each year to Asia.

If Ambre's plan succeeds, vital ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest and countless communities en route will be exposed to toxic coal dust.

Tell Washington State politicians to say no to dirty coal, and the dirty air and water it leaves in its wake.

To Governor Gregoire and the Washington Department of Natural Resources-

Thank you for your work in making Washington a leader in the clean energy economy. We need your leadership now more than ever as the coal industry attempts to build a massive new coal operation in your state. Ambre Energy has already lied to the public about the size of the project and hence its possible effects on the communities and ecosystems of Washington State. Do what's right for the people and wild places of Washington. Say no to the Longview Coal Export Terminal.

Thank you.
This petition is no longer active.