APP and APRIL: Stop Destroying Indonesia's Rainforests

Join us to demand that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and APRIL, Indonesia's biggest pulp and paper companies, stop destroying Indonesia's precious rainforests, abusing forest peoples' rights and fueling climate change.

Dear Teguh Ganda Widjaya, CEO of APP, and Sukanto Tanoto, CEO of APRIL,

I am outraged that your companies are clearcutting Indonesia's rainforests and replacing them with monoculture tree plantations.

Indonesia's rainforests are some of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems and provide livelihoods to tens of millions of Indonesians. Yet, your companies are recklessly cutting down these forests without regard for local people's land rights or the survival of endangered species like the Sumatran tiger. Further, your continued clearing of forests and peatlands is a huge contributor to global climate change and thus a threat to people everywhere.

I implore you to move to a more sustainable business model that leaves rainforests standing, respects forest communities' rights, and stops fueling climate change.
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