Stop Coal's Train of Destruction

Coal Transport

Handful of coalBank of America is the biggest bank in the United States and the biggest underwriter of the coal industry—bankrolling coal mining, infrastructure investments and coal plants around the country. While Bank of America claims to support environmental responsibility, they continue to lead investments in coal, one of the biggest threats to public health and climate stability.  Bank of America is ready, willing and able to finance dirty coal ports on the West Coast of the U.S.

A successfully completed "coal export terminal" means 10 open-top trains a day will spread toxic coal dust in communities living along the rail line, beautiful Pacific Northwest ecosystems will be threatened, and vulnerable communities in Asia—as well as the global climate—will be heavily impacted by the emissions of America's dirtiest fossil fuel.

Demand that Bank of America stop perpetuating 19th-century technologies and fund clean, renewable energy technologies instead.


Brian Moynihan

Bank of America

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