Don’t let Chevron get away with environmental crimes in Brazil

"We're going to show this gang that they can't come here and create whatever environmental mess they want."

Those were the words of Carlos Minc, Rio de Janeiro state's environment secretary, in response to Chevron’s oil spill off the Atlantic coast of Brazil.

Anyone familiar with the ongoing battle to bring Chevron to justice in Ecuador knows that the company will do everything it can to protect its profits even at the expense of the planet and human health. Write to Brazilian officials now and urge them to hold Chevron accountable for every lost drop of oil it spilled into the Atlantic Ocean in its reckless pursuit of profits.

Send your message to Izabella Teixeira, Minister of the Environment; Curt Trennepohl, president of Ibama (the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment’s enforcement agency); and Carlos Minc below.

Izabella Teixeira

Brazilian Ministry of the Environment

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