Urgent: Tell Congress to protect the world's forests and wildlife from illegal logging

Almost half of all rainforest destruction is done illegally. Government corruption, lax laws and poor enforcement result in widespread illegal deforestation across the globe. This unofficial forest clearing makes it extremely challenging to truly protect critically endangered species like the orangutan or Sumatran tiger from extinction, and it contributes enormous amounts of carbon to our atmosphere.

And now the best law on the books to prevent illegal logging worldwide—the Lacey Act—is under attack.

The Lacey Act prohibits illegally sourced wood and wood products from being imported into the country, reducing global deforestation rates and preventing job losses in the American forest products industry. But the Lacey Act is under fire by those wishing to end environmental protections and regulations.

Urge your House representative to vote no on the RELIEF Act (H.R. 3210) or any other bill that would weaken the Lacey Act.