Tell Bank of America: Stop Funding Coal!

Over the past two years, Bank of America has invested more than 8.8 billion dollars in the worst-of-the-worst coal mining and coal-fired power companies. Bank of America is the biggest underwriter of the coal industry - bankrolling coal mining, infrastructure investments, and coal plants around the country.

While Bank of America claims to support environmental responsibility, it continues to lead investments in coal, one of the biggest threats to public health and climate stability.

Please sign the petition to tell Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America, that you want the bank to stop funding coal! Energy should not cost lives.

Brian Moynihan:

When Bank of America pumps billions of dollars into the coal industry, it is contributing to respiratory illness in communities across this country and to the top source of climate change pollution: carbon emissions.

We are sick and tired of Bank of America polluting our communities and wrecking our climate.

We urge you to use your position as CEO of Bank of America to lead the transition to a clean energy future. Stopbankrolling dirty coal and shift those resources into funding for renewable energy.
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