Students, Tell Bank of America CEO to Stop Funding Coal!

Attention all students! Tell Bank of America CEO, Brian Moynihan, that you want the bank to stop bankrolling coal and start funding renewable energy. Our future depends on it.

To Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America

Climate change is the most pressing issue faced by our generation. Rising sea levels, higher temperatures, and intensifying storms directly threaten our future. We believe it is morally wrong for universities and corporations to profit from investments in the climate crisis, and are working to divest our campuses of fossil fuel interests.

Bank of America is the single largest underwriter of the US coal industry, the leading source of climate changing emissions in the United States. Until Bank of America takes its climate responsibility seriously and stops pumping billions of dollars into the US coal industry, we will challenge Bank of America's presence on our campuses as a principal funder of the fossil fuel companies that threaten our future. It is past time for Bank of America to stop bankrolling coal and start funding renewable energy.
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