Last Chance to Tell Sec. Kerry to Stop Keystone XL

We just moved a step closer to discovering what President Obama’s true climate legacy will be, when the State Department released environmental assesment of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Now it’s time for Secretary of State John Kerry to tell President Obama whether he thinks it is “in our national interest” to approve this dirty and dangerous pipeline.

The last official public comment period on the pipeline ends on March 7. We need to weigh in immediately while this assessment is still being reviewed: the Keystone XL pipeline is a climate catastrophe.

In fact, the assessment concludes that tar sands oil transported from Canada to the Gulf Coast through Keystone XL will emit upwards of 27.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, creating the equivalent climate pollution of the exhaust of nearly 6 million cars each year. If you factor the lifespan of Keystone XL, likely several decades, the President is being asked to consider locking-in roughly a billion tons of extra emissions at a time when nations are trying urgently to reduce emissions to keep within safe climate limits.

Send a message to Secretary Kerry right now: Keystone XL is bad for the climate and bad for our nations.

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