Tell Congress: "Protect Democracy! No Fast Track for TPP!"

It is urgently important that your Congressional representatives hear from you today that you demand an open public debate on the TPP before it is allowed to become law.

The main purpose of the TPP is to remove legislative barriers that currently restrict the rights of multinational corporations, at the expense of sovereignty and human rights. The TPP would give companies sweeping powers to sue local governments or entire countries over democratically enacted laws a company deems an impediment to maximum profits. This would have major implications for protections on everything from forests and rivers to worker safety, healthcare and internet privacy.

Any way you slice it, the TPP would be a disaster for people and the planet and right now it is urgent that members of the US Congress hear from you that you demand they vote down Fast Track and force a public debate about the TPP. Add your name here to send a message to your Senator and Congressperson.