Give a Piece of the Action

Give a gift that makes a difference.

These gifts are thoughtful, sustainable and convenient, with two easy options for delivery: you can email the certificate with your custom message, or print and deliver it by hand.

All gifts $20 or greater include a year-long membership to Rainforest Action Network with a subscription to The Panther, RAN’s exciting quarterly newsletter.
Support A Community

Protect An Acre Of Rainforest

Your gift directly supports the grassroots efforts of historically underfunded organizations and communities struggling to protect their rainforest homelands—known to be the best guardians of the forest. Help ensure that small local organizations and Indigenous federations across the globe are supported in their efforts to protect the world's remaining rainforests for many generations to come.

Give a piece of the action for forest communities.

Help An Orangutan

Save Indonesia's Forests

Found only in Malaysia and Indonesia, humankind’s closest relative is being threatened by rapid loss of rainforest habitat. Your gift will support efforts to stop the devastating expansion of pulp and paper and palm oil plantations into Indonesia's tropical forests, saving the lush wild places that orangutans call home.

Give a piece of the action for orangutans.

Stand For Human Rights

Hold Chevron Accountable

Your gift supports the struggle for justice of families in Ecuador who are suffering from toxics dumped directly into their waterways by Chevron. More than 18 billion gallons of oil and other toxic waste have poisoned communities and an area of rainforest the size of Rhode Island for more than 26 years, but Chevron still refuses to clean up its mess.

Give a piece of the action for human rights and the rainforest.

Save The Tiny Tigers

Preserve Sumatran Rainforests

Due to the extinction of Javan tigers in the 1980’s, Sumatran tigers are now the smallest tigers in the world. Your gift will help Rainforest Action Network and cartoon spokescat Tiki The Tiger educate kids, parents, teachers and business leaders on how we can all play a role in protecting Sumatran rainforests—habitat to the last of the smallest tigers in the world.

Give a piece of the action for Sumatran tigers.