Join our street teams!

It's time to take our punking of Chevron to the next level! We need everyone to know that Chevron’s latest ad campaign is nothing more than a load of greenwash meant to cover up the company's atrocious environmental and human rights record. The more posters you can put up in your community, the more people we reach with our message about Chevron’s blatant attempts to clean up its image with fancy ads instead of just doing the right thing and cleaning up its messes in Ecuador and around the world.

After signing up to be part of our international street teams, you’ll receive instructions and tips on the printing and postering process. You'll also be hearing from us once every month or so with more ways for you to help us call out Chevron's greenwash and demand the company take responsibility for its pollution around the world. But of course we'll never sell your information or spam you needlessly.