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MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2009

44 Arrested Protesting Cliffside Coal Plant

A few hours ago hundreds of protesters converged on the headquarters of Duke Energy in Charlotte NC to demand a stop to the construction of the Cliffside Coal-fired power plant. This is just the latest in the growing wave of civil disobedience that is building around the country demanding that we get America off coal - the number one cause of global warming pollution in the US. Duke Energy stands out as one of the most hypocritical utilities - on the one hand professing to care about the climate, and on the other, continuing to pursue the construction of two conventional coal-fired power plants. Citi and Bank of America both have outstanding financial relationships with Duke - and this protest, coming on the eve of Citi's shareholder meeting and just a week before Bank of America's, underscores the escalating reputational risk associated with their continued support of dirty coal. Stay tuned for a report and photos from the ground from Scott Parkin.

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