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SATURDAY, MAY 01, 2010

A Safer New School for the Children of Marsh Fork Elementary

So happy to get some good news from the Coal River Valley this week. Marsh Fork Elementary School, will be moved to a safer location. West Virginia Governor Manchin held a press conference on Friday to announce that funding has been secured for the move. This announcement follows a six year campaign to get the school relocated from its current site, adjacent to a coal silo constructed by Massey Energy, and sitting at the foot of the company’s mountain top pond that holds back hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic coal slurry. Congratulations to all who have fought hard for this victory, including Ed Wiley, grandfather of a Marsh Fork student, who walked all the way from Charleston WV, to Washington DC in 2006 asking state and federal officials to intervene and relocate the elementary school. There's a good summary of the campaign here on "It's Getting Hot In Here"

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