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Tell APRIL CEO Sukanto Tanoto to stop pulping Indonesia's rainforests for paper

Hot on the heels of Disney and HarperCollins adopting new policies to keep rainforest destruction out of their books, controversial paper giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) committed to undertake major environmental and social reforms yesterday. APP's biggest competitor, Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL), on the other hand, continues to destroy Indonesia's precious forests and peatlands and wreak havoc on local communities' human rights, livelihoods and ways of life.

If APP follows through on its commitments, it would have a hugely positive impact on Indonesia's rainforests and communities. APP and APRIL together produce some 80% of the pulp and paper that comes out of Indonesia, and both have been linked to egregious environmental and human rights abuses.

Now's the time to push APRIL to meet or beat APP's new rainforest commitments. Please write to APRIL CEO Sukanto Tanoto and tell him to stop pulping Indonesia's rainforests for paper.

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