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Join the Bay Area Activist Network

Thanks for your interest in getting involved with RAN!! We're looking for passionate people of all ages to join the Bay Area Activist Network, a group of local activists who support RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil campaign seeking to expose and break the link between America’s favorite snack foods and controversial palm oil that is driving forest destruction and human rights violations.

In the Activist Network, you will work with experienced campaigners and program staff to put pressure on 20 of the most well known food companies in the world, the Snack Food 20, to get Conflict Palm Oil off the shelves. Specifically, activists will work with our campaign team to push PepsiCo, a major Conflict Palm Oil laggard, to adopt a responsible palm oil policy that cuts its ties to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, extinction, the abuse of workers and communities and climate change.

Bay Area Activists experience hands-on-learning about our brand of corporate campaigning for the forests, climate and human rights, as well as direct experience working in a non-profit office.


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Please read and sign new volunteer agreement and forward to Nancy Johnson

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