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Bill Barclay

William has 27 years of experience in the environmental NGO sector. He has conducted fieldwork in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe and has served as an NGO lobbyist at numerous multilateral environmental organizations. William holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts, Cornell, and the University of California Berkeley.

His work with RAN’s Forests Program is to advance campaigns focused on Indonesian forest issues and bank financing of rainforest destruction and land-grabbing. His most inspiring RAN moment was derailing an $11 billion Citibank loan to a Texas utility that was intending to build a dozen new coal-fired power plants in the US.

“I first became aware of RAN in 1986 when Randy Hayes lectured a class on conservation and natural resources where I was a teaching assistant. My work has crossed paths with RAN ever since, and I finally came to RAN in 2005 on staff.”