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Boston Activists Call for EPA Action on Mountaintop Removal

Seven conscious individuals were joined by five Boston police officers at the Region 1 office of the EPA in Boston. It was a simple demonstration of solidarity with activists across the country who are using a variety of tactics to demand the EPA use their power to immediately end mountaintop removal coal mining. Those gathered held signs and passed out educational literature as they waited for a representative from the office to address them. The activists were greeted kindly by Douglas Gutro, Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator. Mr. Gutro was well-informed on the issue and on today's events, telling the group that a statement had just been released by the DC office. He stated that he had no direct influence on this case, as it's outside his region, but accepted a letter addressed to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and said he would pass along the message. Mr. Gutro referred to the last anti-MTR action that took place at his office, when activists dropped a four story banner from the adjacent parking garage, calling it "impressive."

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