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Broad coalition writes to Ontario premier

Today RAN was part of a coalition that released a joint public letter to Ontario's premier calling on him to implement his promises for the Northern Boreal with full respect for Indigenous rights. The letter is here. The Canadian news release is here, and the U.S. one is on It is worth noting that Canada's largest union (CUPE National) and Canada's largest private sector union (CAW) both signed onto the letter, along with enviro, faith based, youth, and other labor groups. The signatories are: Amnesty International CAW Christian Peacemaker Teams CUPE National CUPE Ontario CUPW KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives Mining Watch Canada Rainforest Action Network Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy, Ryerson University Sierra Youth Coalition Toronto & York Region Labour Council The list would have been longer if not for the rush to get the letter out in a timely way. An even larger coalition supported Grassy Narrows, KI, and Ardoch this past May as they gathered for four days and nights of ceremonies and rallies at the Provincial legislature. The gathering was attended by 3,000 people at its peak, and generated a lot of pressure for some of the very changes that the premier promised to implement only one month later.

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