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Call the BLM: Keep It in the Ground!

Call the BLM: Keep It in the Ground!

COBLM_v1_FB_(1).pngToday, Colorado is rising up against the U.S. government giving away public lands at rock-bottom prices to the world's biggest dirty energy companies. 

Today, Colorado is rising up to say: Our lands are not for sale. Our health is not for sale. Our climate is not for sale. Keep fossil fuels in the ground!

Show them you have their back by calling the BLM today. End this broken system! No more fossil fuel leases on public lands!

Please call this number:


Here’s a simple script you can use:

I’m calling to voice my support for the Colorado residents who are protesting at today’s public lands oil and gas auction, and to ask you to stop fossil fuel leasing going forward. 
To meet our obligations to future generations, we need to stop giving away our public lands to the fossil fuel industry, and keep oil, gas and coal in the ground.
We need to move as soon as possible to a 100% renewable world to protect our communities and stop runaway climate change while we still can.
As one of hundreds of thousands of people who have added our voices to the Keep It in the Ground movement, I urge you to cancel all future public lands auctions in Colorado. 

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