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Thank you for fighting for the Canada lynx

Thank you joining our fight to save the Canada Lynx.

Thank you for being a voice for the Canada lynx by giving Rainforest Action Network a charitable donation. Without your support, Rainforest Action Network would be unable to take on giant corporations that are destroying our public lands, thousands of acres at a time. Our protests have disrupted public land auctions before, and we know the will continue to do so. The Canada lynx cannot speak for itself or stop human-caused habitat destruction -- but you made the choice to speak and act for them. Thank you for your generosity and support.

To learn more about our campaigns and how you can get more involved, please visit us at And if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the membership department at (415) 659-0542 or – we would love to hear from you!


Please spread the word among your friends and family—send the note below via e-mail to your friends and family.

I just contributed to Rainforest Action Network’s campaign to save the oldest rainforests in the world and the endangered orangutans that call those forests home. Nobody in the world fights for the environment like RAN. They're tough, they're tenacious, and they're not afraid to take on big corporations. If you also feel moved to do what it takes to save these ancient forests and the endangered species within them, please consider joining me in making a gift to RAN today at:


As no goods or services were received in exchange for your donation, the full value of the gift is tax deductible. Our IRS tax identification number is 94-3045180. We will mail you an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift shortly.