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One of the biggest targets in RAN's history has been agribusiness giant Cargill — the world's largest privately held company and the biggest importer of palm oil into the U.S. After seven years of non-stop pressure, and after constant statements that would not change their practices, Cargill's CEO announced one of the most far-reaching zero deforestation commitments in any industry. This new policy, announced in Fall 2014 at the UN climate summit, covers all Cargill commodities, including palm oil, sugar, soy, cattle, and cocoa — and not just in Indonesia but across the globe.

In the past year we have seen more talk and little progress made by Cargill to transform the operations of its suppliers on the ground. Cargill needs to take swifter action, particularly given the rate of destruction in Southeast Asia and the extent of existing abuses in the palm oil sector.