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Challenge Pepsi

Challenge Pepsi

This is an all hands on deck moment in the fight against Conflict Palm Oil. After years of pressure, PepsiCo has finally adopted a new palm oil policy, but it leaves a loophole big enough to drive a bulldozer through. The loophole gives a free pass for ‘business as usual’ palm oil production to Indofood: one of the largest palm oil growers in the world, the biggest food company in Indonesia, and the sole maker of PepsiCo products in Indonesia.

Now is a critical time to #ChallengePepsi. So we're calling on people around the world to help declare PepsiCo’s vending machines, soda machines, and store displays "Out of Order" to demand it closes this destructive loophole.

Follow these easy steps to #ChallengePepsi:

  1. Download “Out Of Order” signs (or make your own with similar messaging)
  2. Take Action - Post “Out of Order” signs on Pepsi vending machines, soda fountains, or store displays (including Frito Lay machines, which are owned by PepsiCo). This is simple and fun––but more importantly, it gets our message directly between PepsiCo and its customers. Need help finding a PepsiCo machine? Here are a few places we’ve spotted them.

  3. Make Your Action Public - Sharing the image of your sign is one of the most important parts of this action! We need to ensure that PepsiCo sees that people worldwide are demanding change. Your photo doesn’t need to be high quality––a simple cell phone picture is great. There are 3 ways we recommend sharing your photos:

    • You can upload to Facebook––either directly to your page, making sure that the post settings are set to “Public” and you’ve used the tag #ChallengePepsi, or by uploading directly to Pepsi’s Facebook page with the same hashtag. Either one is great.

    • You can Tweet your photo––please include the location and the @Pepsi handle along with the #ChallengePepsi hashtag

    • You can email us your photos at If you email us, please include your location in the email! 

The time to #ChallengePepsi is NOW.

PepsiCo has set the 30th of October as the deadline for publishing its Action Plan, a time-bound plan that will outline how or if it will demand an end to deforestation, climate pollution and human rights abuses from Indofood, its joint-venture partner in Indonesia. We need this tactic to catch fire so we can show PepsiCo that people around the world are demanding that it close this destructive loophole.

Stand with us. Stand with Indonesia. Stand with communities fighting to protect their lands, livelihoods and Indonesia’s rainforests from companies driving the expansion of the palm oil used in PepsiCo’s snack foods.

Take action today, and tomorrow, and every day until the 30th of October.

What more info? Read the new report released by Rainforest Action Network and Rainforest Foundation Norway that exposes Indofood’s destructive practices.

Get more resources to take action here.

Are you "in" to #ChallengePepsi?