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#ChangeQuaker in Snack Food Aisles Across America!

#ChangeQuaker in Snack Food Aisles Across America!

Right now, Palm Oil Activists are re-branding Quaker displays in stores across the country with stickers warning shoppers that Quaker products may contain Conflict Palm Oil. Images from their actions are appearing on Twitter sending a message to PepsiCo that it must fix its Conflict Palm Oil problem. Now."


After two years of people like you taking action, PepsiCo is finally starting to pay attention and its top decision makers are deciding right now whether it will actually eliminate Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain. This is a crucial moment in this campaign and we need YOU to continue to keep the pressure up by getting in on the action.

We’ve got more sticker kits ready to hit the mail and we want to send one your way.

Once you sign up, we’ll mail you a kit with the following materials:

3 different stickers: You will place these stickers that warn customers about the problems with Conflict Palm Oil over the shelf display (where you see prices listed) in front of the product.

3 “shelf talkers” - Stick the shelf talker postcard to the display using the first inch of the sticker.

**Each kit will give you everything you need to re-brand one large or three small Quaker displays. If you want to order more/less stickers than what the kits contain, to let us know what you’ll need instead of filling out this form**


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