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Tell the EPA: We Need a Stronger Carbon Rule for a Stable Climate

Pollution from coal fired power plants kills communities and cooks our climate.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a long overdue new carbon pollution standards for power plants this week. That's a welcome step, but we need more.

We already limit arsenic, mercury, soot and other air pollution from power plants—but, until now, not carbon pollution. Power plants are the single largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. Setting the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution is an essential step to address global warming and here at RAN we absolutely support a national carbon pollution standard.

The proposed rule is not yet enough to slow global warming and not yet enough to inspire the world to make the necessary deep cuts in climate pollution. That is why we will be working hard next year to include much deeper cuts in the final rule.

The EPA is now accepting public comments on its proposed rule.

We know that the coal industry and the politicians they fund will work to undermine this rule and doom communities to years of future pollution.

Please urge the EPA to ignore the naysaying polluters and do even more to address global warming and set limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Tell the EPA: We Need a Stronger Carbon Rule for a Stable Climate