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 The negative impacts of coal mining are affecting people & places all over the planet.


Vulture Firm Picks at Appalachia’s Bones
As the future of the U.S. coal mining industry darkens, one upstart vulture firm has snapped up several mines from distressed coal giants. Founded in 2010, Blackhawk Mining has rapidly built a portfolio of surface and underground mines in Central Appalachia.

Banks Funding the Dirtiest Form of Coal
In Europe, attention on lignite coal, the dirtiest form of coal, is usually focused on Germany, the European Union’s largest economy where, in spite of one of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy transition programs, lignite still makes up 25% of the national power mix.


Even if banks can absorb financial loss of #CoalMining we cannot absorb human & environmental costs.

2015 saw an already weakened coal mining industry sink further into distress.

 A number of major U.S. coal mining companies filed for bankruptcy, global coal demand continued to decline, and a solidifying policy consensus among the world’s largest banks indicated that capital for coal mining had begun to dry up. The year ended with an agreement at COP 21 in Paris, which signaled that world governments were committed to transitioning away from high-carbon fuels and towards a zero-carbon economy, further darkening the long-term prospects for coal producers.

Carbon-intensive #CoalMining is financially risky, environmentally destructive & is #ShortingTheClimate

Coal Mining:

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#CoalMining faces one of the biggest climate-related stranded asset risks & is #ShortingTheClimate

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