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 The negative impacts of coal power are affecting people & places all over the planet.


Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
The Sundarbans mangrove forest is a UNESCO World Heritage site shared by Bangladesh and India. A joint venture between the two countries’ national electricity providers is putting this precious biodiverse ecosystem at risk for a coal-fired power plant just 14 kilometers away from the forest’s edge. 

Indonesia's Bid for Coal Expansion
Over the past decade, Indonesia has undergone a major coal mining boom. The country has now announced plans to secure a market for its own coal by significantly expanding domestic coal power generation.





The global banking sector must stop #shortingtheclimate with extreme fossil fuels.

The world can no longer wait to move away from coalfired electric power generation.

By 2017, business-as-usual construction of coal plants will put the goal of limiting climate change to 2°C (let alone 1.5°) out of reach. Encouragingly, some countries have made progress towards shutting down coal plants and decarbonizing their energy grids. At the same time, a glut of climate-destroying coal plants is in the global pipeline. These plants will require billions of dollars in financing to build, making it imperative for global banks to stop financing coal power immediately.

The Sundarbans are a @UNESCO World Heritage Site. @EximBankUS, hands off! #SaveSundarbans

Coal Power: Grades & Exposure Tables


Coal finance still central to the banking sector’s #Shortingtheclimate business model

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