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Conflict Palm Oil Laggard: Nissin Foods

The extreme social and environmental consequences of Conflict Palm Oil are not yet widely known in Japan and very few Japanese companies have adopted responsible palm oil procurement policies.


RAN is pressuring Japanese companies to adopt robust safeguards while working with our allies at Plantation Watch to educate the Japanese public about the risks of Conflict Palm Oil.

Japanese noodle giant Nissin Foods is a clear laggard among the Snack Food 20, a group including some of the world’s largest companies exposed by RAN for their links to Conflict Palm Oil. In September 2017, Nissin Foods finally responded to mounting pressure by adopting a “Policy on Sustainable Procurement,” but unfortunately the policy falls short of what’s needed to keep Conflict Palm Oil out of its global supply chain.

We’re ramping up pressure on Nissin Foods to strengthen its procurement policy to protect rainforests and peatlands and uphold human rights including land rights of Indigenous and local community and labor rights. This is especially important as Nissin Foods prepares to supply products for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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