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Copenhagen Climate Group rocks the COP15 Summit Site

On the same day that COP14 (the Conference of Parties, or the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) began in Poznan Poland, Danish climate activist group, KlimaX, dropped banners off the top of the Bella Centret in Copenhagen in anticipation of COP15 (scheduled for Copenhagen 2009) The banners read "Time is Running Out, Take Action Now!" and "Social Change, Not Climate Change". Climate activists are converging on Poznan calling for more urgency in the climate negotiations and more participation by communities in the Global South and traditionally marginalized communities in the Global North. Groups across Europe and from around the world are mobilizing towards COP15 in Copenhagen next year for negotiations around a new climate treaty as the Kyoto Protocol ends. KlimaX promised more actions in the building up to COP15. "We need a humane solution to the climate crisis." Says Sini Østergaard from KlimaX "We cannot stand by and watch while the rich countries buy CO2 quotas from the poor countries. We have take action now." "The clock is ticking and time has run out. It is now we have to face the consequences of our over-consumption in the west." says Thor from KlimaX.

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