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Tell JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Crédit Agricole: NO New Pipelines

Right now, some of the biggest banks in the world (and probably in your neighborhood), including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Crédit Agricole are debating whether or not to extend $4 BILLION dollars of credit to Enbridge, the energy giant working for the Line 3 pipeline, and TransCanada, the company behind Keystone XL. They’re doing so despite fierce opposition from Indigenous and First Nations people along the pipeline routes and with complete disregard for the climate chaos this will cause.

Tell Wells Fargo, Chase and Crédit Agricole: NO reckless new funding for climate destruction!

It’s time for banks to STOP funding new infrastructure for destructive fossil fuels and to start investing in renewables instead. A cleaner, brighter future is possible.

From courageous Water Protectors fighting for Indigenous lands along pipeline routes, to lawyers contesting permits, to direct action against the companies themselves - we all have a role to play in this fight.

We need to show banks that we won’t tolerate threats to clean water, clean air, our shared climate and Indigenous rights. Add your voice now.