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Take the Deforestation-Free Shopping Pledge


The holiday shopping season is here and the fashion industry is in a frenzy to sell their latest trends. And still, too many fashion companies continue to ignore  the forest destruction and human rights abuses that may be in their clothing.

Send a strong message to the fashion industry this holiday shopping season, and pledge NOT to buy from companies that destroy forests for fabric.

For over two years some popular brands—including Under Armour, Foot Locker, Guess, Michael Kors, and Forever 21—have ignored our demands to ensure that the fabric they use doesn’t threaten forests or hurt the frontline communities that call them home.

Signing the Deforestation-Free Shopping Pledge sends your message directly to the heads of these top fashion companies, letting them know that their inaction to protect our forests is costing them business at a time of year when they want it the most.

Will you take the pledge?