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Demand the Conflict Palm Oil Front Runners become True Leaders

We are at a turning point in the international movement to reform the notoriously destructive palm oil industry. Many of the sector’s biggest players have announced groundbreaking, globally responsible palm oil commitments and pledged to eliminate forest and peatland destruction, human rights abuses, forced and child labor and climate pollution from their palm oil supply chains. These commitments set an achievable bar above the compromised standards and misleading sustainability claims made by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The Snack Food 20 Front Runners are: Mars, Smuckers, General Mills, The Kellogg Company, Nestlé, Dunkin’ Brands, ConAgra, The Hershey Company, Krispy Kreme and Mondelēz.

Continued pressure and vigilance is required to ensure these newly stated commitments are successfully implemented and translated into real change on the ground.

Send your message now: Tell the Front Runners that more action is needed, and you won't have deforestation, extinction, or slavery in your home.

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