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Digital Platform Coordinator (SF)

RAN is launching a new digital platform that will crowd source a vision for a just and stable climate future.

The impacts of climate change are looming, but the future is still unwritten. We wouldn’t be fighting if we didn’t think we have a chance to build a better world. It’s time to start talking about what the world will look like when we succeed.

 In order to stabilize the climate, what will our communities look like? How will we travel & where will we get our food? 

We’re currently recruiting volunteers to be digital platform coordinator for this endeavor. As an coordinator, you’ll help guide others through the experience of visioning for a climate-stable future and support the growth of emerging online communities.

We’re looking for talented folks to come in and help launch this digital platform with us. We’re looking for people who can come into our office once a week in downtown SF and also folks interested in volunteering remotely. An ideal volunteer would have these skills and be able to meet these requirements:

  • Able to contribute 2-5 hours a week
  • Be a self starter
  • Have experience with online communities and digital platforms
  • Be willing to get tangled up in new technology
  • Excited about our work & about empowering others to get involved

 For more details or to get connected, email with a quick bio and why you’d like to volunteer with RAN.