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Disney Be A Leader

Once upon a time, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books was hiding a dirty little secret in its pages. Lurking in the shadows of Disney’s global brand, was paper made from the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia.

Once upon a bear

Disney isn’t just Disney. As the largest brand licensor in the world, Disney’s brand is on countless products. It turns out that Disney’s vast empire of licensees, and those hundreds upon hundreds of products they make, continue to be at risk of rainforest destruction and human rights abuses.

It’s time for Disney to release a plan that will be good for the creatures of the forest. Tell Disney to be the hero of this story, and save the future of the rainforest.

Dear Disney Leadership,

Protecting forests and human rights is at the core of promoting our magical world. While I applaud the work that Disney has done in creating a groundbreaking and meaningful policy, I am also eager to see how Disney is turning that policy into timely and meaningful action to protect forests and communities. It’s time for Disney to show that it still holds a leadership role for people and planet and to publish an implementation plan that will truly protect Indonesia’s forests.

Disney Be A Leader