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It's Time to Drop Indofood!

More Progress! In addition to one of the world’s largest palm oil traders cutting ties with Conflict Palm Oil producer Indofood, PepsiCo has just announced that it will STOP sourcing — both directly and indirectly — from Conflict Palm Oil producer Indofood.

This is a huge step by PepsiCo, but it’s still linked to Indofood through a joint partnership.

Together with our partners, we’ve spent years documenting the human rights abuses and rainforest destruction by Indofood and these announcements by Musim Mas, the third largest palm oil trader in the world, and PepsiCo, one of the biggest buyers of palm oil in the world, prove that we’re making a major difference across the industry. Your calls, your emails, your pressure is making a difference, helping to shift the entire palm oil sector!

But our work isn’t done yet: It’s time for all of the buyers, business partners, and financiers of Indofood to cut ties with this notorious company TODAY.

There’s no excuse to be in business with this destructive company.

Send your message now: tell the RSPO, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Yum! Brands, Wilmar, Rabobank, Standard Chartered, Mizuho, Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial that it is time to stop certifying, funding, financing, partnering, or doing any other business with Indofood.

It’s past time the world cuts ties to destructive companies like Indofood once and for all.