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Fashion Week and Forest Destruction?

These clothes are made of what? How manufacturers are killing ancient forests for your favorite shirt.

While very few people have even heard of dissolving pulp, it is the primary ingredient in rayon and other common fabrics, and ethical fashion advocates say it is a growing threat to forests around the world.

The Out of Fashion campaign calls on major fashion brands, dubbed the ‘Fashion Fifteen,’ to commit to using only forest friendly fabrics in their products.

Dissolving pulp comes from critical forest ecosystems around the world, including Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, and the USA. Over the years, controversial suppliers, such the Royal Golden Eagle group’s Sateri Ltd., have left a toxic legacy of deforestation and land grabbing in communities. Fibers made from dissolving pulp go by many names, including: rayon, viscose, Tencel©, Lyocell and modal.

Launched by Rainforest Action Network (RAN), the campaign is engaging with the fashion industry to convince companies to adopt binding policies to ensure that deforestation, human rights abuses and climate pollution are rooted out and removed from their fabric supply chains.

Tell the unknown story of how luxury brands are destroying forests for fabrics.

Stand for forests today - add your name here to call on fashion companies to eliminate controversial fiber from their fabrics and to receive updates on the Out of Fashion campaign.

Contact: Emma Rae Lierley, 425.281.1989,

For more information on dissolving pulp and RAN’s Out of Fashion campaign, see here.

Fashion Week and Forest Destruction?