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Forest Destruction for Fashion Week?

Forest Destruction for Fashion Week?

The adverse environmental and social issues associated with fabrics made from wood fiber by companies like Royal Golden Eagle Group’s Sateri Ltd. in the form of dissolving pulp have long been ignored. It's time for clothing manufacturers and designers to step up and be leaders. While high fashion sets the trends for style globally, it's critical that it also leads on forest-friendly fabric. Luxury brands must take the initiative and use their power to demand fabric that doesn’t rely on deforestation and human rights violations.

This week, as the biggest luxury designers in the world come together at Fashion Week, help us shine a spotlight on luxury fashion’s dirty secret. Adding your voice to this conversation will help ensure that companies step up and address the devastating impact that clothing linked to deforestation is having in endangered forest ecosystems in Indonesia and around the world.

Please take action. Sign here to call on Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Prada, Michael Kors, Vince and Louis Vuitton to be leaders in the fashion industry--by getting forest destruction Out of Fashion.

Want to double your impact right now? A small group of committed activists will be jamming fashion companies by taking action on social media all Fashion Week. We’ll be sending an email with a new target each day, so 6 quick actions total. Are you willing to join our group of rapid responders? Click here to join the fun.

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