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Forest Destruction for Fashion Week?

Could rainforest destruction be hiding in your clothes? Forest destruction and human rights abuses are much too high a price for luxury fashion.

During Fashion Month, companies like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Vince will be debuting their new lines. But those gorgeous clothes gracing the runways and glossy fashion magazines may contain an ugly secret: they may be responsible for forest destruction and human rights abuses.  

Rainforest Action Network and the Out of Fashion campaign are calling on major fashion brands to lead on the issue of forests in fabric.

Right now, fabrics such as rayon, viscose, Tencel©, Lyocell and modal pose a growing threat to critical forest ecosystems around the world. By using these fabrics and sourcing from or controversial suppliers like the Royal Golden Eagle group’s Sateri Ltd., fashion companies are weaving a legacy of human rights abuses, climate pollution and toxic contamination right into their clothing. And while these big names companies are creating timeless pieces, forests are running out of time.

The Out of Fashion campaign is calling on luxury brands to be leaders--not just in setting trends, but in protecting some of the world’s most endangered forests. These forests are too precious to sacrifice for a splashy outfit.

Tell the luxury companies to be leaders: endangered forests and land grabbing don’t belong in our clothes. Add your name, tell luxury fashion companies to be leaders in getting deforestation and human rights abuses Out of Fashion.

Forest Destruction for Fashion Week?