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Frandody Taruna Negara, aka “Dody”, Head of Tebo Farmers’ Union (STT), in Lubuk Mandarsah, Jambi Province, Indonesia

“We can see that Asia Pulp & Paper [APP] has broken their commitment. APP said that it would resolve social conflicts without violence and would respect the communities’ rights. However, we can prove that even after the commitment, the community is still intimidated, criminalized, and a murder even took place here.”


A decade ago, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), Indonesia’s largest pulp and paper company, arrived in the community of Lubuk Mandarsah. APP took over customary land from the community without their consent in order to build a pulp and paper plantation. Since then, it has been in direct conflict with the community. In February 2015, community activist and farmer Indra Pelani was brutally murdered by security guards hired by APP.

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