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Giant Worm Eats Mountaintops in Search of Coal!

[caption id="attachment_2010" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Green Gorilla Gang"]The Green Gorilla Gang[/caption] Check out this amazing new cartoon teaching kids (and adults) about mountaintop removal. Kijani, the wise and powerful 800 pound gorilla teaches the gang (Bucket, Cypher, Scoot and Socket) that “Turn it Up Day” – invented by a nasty corporation that uses a giant mechanical worm to chomp off mountaintops to get at coal to power the city – is just a PR stunt to make Wormulus and Dr. Hufflebot rich… and the next mountain they’re heading for is Mt. Tam! (That's the tallest peak in Marin County, CA for those of you outside the Bay Area). "How can you just remove a mountain?!" they ask... Find out what the kids do to stop mountaintop removal and the myth of “clean, green mountain energy” at Oh, and the music’s rockin' too. (You can also check out the pilot episode – “’The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,’ which follows four kids and a green gorilla as they overcome a demented plot by Dr. Morlon Hufflebot to create an island of plastic bags in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.”) Share this with all the budding environmentalists in your life!

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