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PepsiCo Global Call-in Day Resources

Thank you for joining our PepsiCo Global Call-in Day! Here's how, and why, we need to make a difference. 

The vast, ancient landscape of the Leuser ecosystem supports some of the last populations of rare species like Sumatran tigers, orangutans, rhinos, elephants, clouded leopards and sun bears. With your help we will save it from being destroyed for Conflict Palm Oil.

Every day bulldozers drive deeper and deeper in the last stands of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia. Why? To meet the ever growing demand for Conflict Palm Oil that is used in potato chips, crackers and snack foods made by companies including PepsiCo.

The only thing standing in the way of PepsiCo doing the right thing and taking a leadership position on this urgent issue is the company’s refusal to act. On December 9th, Palm Oil Activists around the world are coming together and calling on their communities to make thousands of phone calls to PepsiCo offices all over the planet.

Ready to make the call right now? Here are the 3 simple steps for participating in the PepsiCo Global Call-in Day:

1.  Call 1 800 433 2652 in the USA or find your country's PepsiCo customer service phone number:

  • Canada: 1 800 433 2652
  • Australia & New Zealand: +61 2 9951 1799
  • India: 01242880699
  • United Kingdom: 0800 032 1767
  • For Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa or alternate numbers, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 


2. Make the call:

PepsiCo may tell you that it has made a public palm oil pledge and is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil. Its commitment has critical gaps that must be addressed to stop the bulldozers destroying rainforests and human rights abuses that are rife in supply chains. PepsiCo must be able to demonstrate to its customers that it can be trusted to provide products not connected to Conflict Palm Oil. 

Here’s what to say when you call PepsiCo:

Hello , my name is ___ from _____ and I’m calling you today because PepsiCo’s use of palm oil that is tied to rainforest destruction and human and labor rights violations is unacceptable!

PepsiCo’s palm oil commitment has critical gaps that must be addressed immediately. PepsiCo must take action to identify and eliminate suppliers who are violating human and labor rights and destroying rainforests including the Leuser Ecosystem.

As a globally recognized brand with an immense international reach, PepsiCo must succeed in stopping the bulldozers and abuse in its supply chain and use its influence to protect the Leuser Ecosystem.

PepsiCo should step up and cut Conflict Palm Oil from its global supply chains for good!


3. Ask your friends to make a call by posting on Facebook and Twitter:

Click to share on Facebook. You could use the sample text below.

Join me and speak for rainforests! Join the Global Call-In Day demanding PepsiCo stop the bulldozers and cut Conflict Palm Oil!

Click to share on Twitter. You could use the sample tweet below.

Join @RAN’s @PepsiCo Global Call-in Day and demand that @Pepsi cut #ConflictPalmOil


Do you have a question or want to talk with someone about the Global Call-in Day? Email us at


Additional Numbers: 

United Kingdom (main line): 0800 032 1767
United Kingdom (alternate) (44) 208 332 4042
India: 0124 288 0699
France: 0805 803 903
Germany: 61 02 749 0
Spain: 902 115 163
Poland: 801 102 060
Netherlands: 0800-737 74 26
Turkey: +90 216 635 4000
Portugal: 808200971
Czech Republic: +420 266 191 444
Ukraine: 0 800 300 30 9
Belgium: 0800-20330
Greece: 210 66 99 000
Romania: +40 372 377 100
Slovak Republic: +420 266 191 200
Russia: +7 495 9370550
Austria: (+44) 2083324000 (European Business Unit number)
Italy: (+44) 2083324000 (European Business Unit number)
Sweden: (+44) 2083324000 (European Business Unit number)

Mexico: 01800 901 62 00
Argentina: 6778.2200
Chile: 2427 4200
Uruguay: (2) 200 16 81

Southeast Asia: (011) 852 2839 0288
General Europe and Africa: (011 44) 208 332 4000
South & Central America: (011) 305 537 2344


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