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PepsiCo Global Call-in Day - Sign Up!

PepsiCo Global Call-in Day - Sign Up!

Ready to start planning for the December 9th PepsiCo Global Call-in Day? Sign up to let us know that you’re ready to organize your friends and family to call PepsiCo to demand an end to Conflict Palm Oil and protection for the Leuser Ecosystem. Can you organize, 5, 10, or 15 people in your circle?

Thanks to your participation in the PepsiCo Global Call-in Day, we’re on our way to driving thousands of calls into PepsiCo offices around the world this December 9th. A few copies of the call script and a simple plan for who you’ll reach out to are all that you need to inspire your community to call PepsiCo. Here are a few easy ideas to find people to make a call:

  • RSVP to the PepsiCo Global Call-in Day Facebook event and ask your Facebook community to participate!
  • Ask the people that you’ll already be seeing that day to make a call -- the people that you live and work with are a great place to start.
  • Bring call scripts to your office/school/meeting and ask everyone to take a 3 min. break to make a call.
  • Stand outside your local grocery store, library or another location with high foot traffic and ask people to stop and make a call before they go inside.
  • If you are a teacher, encourage your students make calls as part of your classes.

Communicating about the PepsiCo Global Call-in Day

When asking folks to make a call to PepsiCo on December 9th, explain why we need PepsiCo to cut Conflict Palm Oil, but keep it simple. Here’s an example of how to ask someone to make a call whether its face-to-face, via email or social media:

I'm working to stop the destruction of rainforests for Conflict Palm Oil today by asking people to make a quick phone call to PepsiCo! PepsiCo is a massive snack food company and a major user of the Conflict Palm Oil that is destroying rainforests and causing shocking human rights abuses in Indonesia and Malaysia. PepsiCo is still refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of the palm oil in its supply chain but it really cares what people think of its products, so today, thousands of people around the world are calling to tell the company that its inaction is unacceptable. Will you take a minute right now to call PepsiCo? 


  • All of the information that anyone will need to make a call can be found on our Global Call in Day page. On the page, you’ll find PepsiCo office phone numbers in every country and a script that will give you an idea of what to say when you are on the phone with PepsiCo staff.
  • Activism is always more fun when you have a buddy! Ask a friend or two to join you in hitting the streets, recruiting friends or hosting a party!
  • When you are asking people to make a call, ask them to do it right then as opposed to “later” (it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes per person to make a call)

If every single person on the Palm Oil Action Team inspires 15 people to make a call, PepsiCo will receive over 100k calls from around the world.  Let's make it happen!

Do you have a question or want to talk with someone about the Global Call-in Day? Email us at 

Looking for more information on how to organize your friends and family to join the Global Call-In Day? Check our Resources page here. 


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