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Jeri Howland

Jeri Howland came to RAN after 30 years of fundraising leadership in the education sector. It took no time for her passion for RAN's mission to blossom as she is a consummate participant whenever possible in everything from actions to discussions on campaign and organizational strategy.

Jeri's love of nature is evident everyday. She is committed to exploring her local natural habitat before she gets to the office ­ reading, biking commutes, swimming, running on Mt. Tam from sun up until it's time to get to the office, where she then brings her high energy leadership to RAN's development department.

Jeri spent almost two decades at the Katherine Delmar Burke School, San Francisco before transitioning to educational reform world raising over $30 million for college prep charter high schools for underserved kids in the Bay Area with Envision Schools. Before joining RAN, she was Chief Development Officer at Partners in School Innovation.

Jeri spends her free time with her husband, training and racing for ironman triathlons and trail runs up to 100 miles!