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Join Thousands Calling on the Obama Administration to Save Coal River Mountain

Last week, Massey Energy began dynamiting Coal River Mountain in West Virginia—the site of a proposed 328-megawatt wind farm—to prepare for a massive mountaintop removal coal mining operation. Today, more than half a million people have received emails from organizations across the nation, including Rainforest Action Network, Appalachian Voices, 350.0rg and many others, asking supporters to send a powerful message to the Obama Administration to stop the blasting on Coal River Mountain and protect our clean energy resources. With your help, this could be a day of action that makes history. Coal River Mountain must become our line in the sand. The Obama administration officials who could stop this need to know that it's not just people in the hills of Appalachia who can hear the explosions--we all know what's going on.  And we know that every lump of coal that comes out of those hills adds to the carbon burden of the atmosphere we all share. Demand that the Obama Administration stop the blasting today.

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