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No Means No. KLK Out of Collingwood Bay!

In April 2012, Collingwood Bay landowners filed a RSPO complaint against major Malaysian palm oil grower Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) for its intentions to develop palm oil on their customary lands, despite the fact that the Chiefs of Collingwood Bay had issued a joint communiqué stating that there will be no palm oil on their lands.

Collingwood Bay landowners have since won a major court victory revoking two of the three leases claimed by KLK. However, the company still claims a third lease in Collingwood Bay, Lot 5, and has stated that it has no intentions to leave.

Lot 5 is covered in primary forest and holds important hunting grounds for the local communities. Any development of Lot 5 for palm oil would violate KLK’s commitments as a RSPO member to not clear primary forests or High Conservation Value Forests.

Given this, there is no reason KLK should remain in Collingwood Bay.

Tell the RSPO to take immediate action to resolve this complaint.

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We, the undersigned, call on the RSPO to take meaningful steps to bring the formal complaint against KLK by the landowners of Collingwood Bay to a successful resolution.

The chiefs of Collingwood Bay are united in their opposition to industrial development and the land KLK intends to develop is covered in approximately 85 percent primary, High Conservation Value forest. For these reasons, there is no way KLK could ever develop this parcel while obeying the standards of the RSPO.

Yet, over a year and a half after the landowners filed their complaint, KLK land-clearing machinery remains on site in Collingwood Bay and the RSPO complaint remains open and unresolved.

This case provides an opportunity for the RSPO to demonstrate that its complaints resolution process is a legitimate tool for effectively resolving conflicts between companies and communities.

We demand to hear what steps the RSPO plans to take to engage KLK and ensure that the lack of consent that has been made clear by of the landowners of Collingwood Bay is respected and KLK leaves Collingwood Bay as requested.

Thank you.

No Means No. KLK Out of Collingwood Bay!