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The Last Place on Earth - Leuser Ecosystem

At 6.5 million acres, the Leuser Ecosystem is a world unto itself—a rich and verdant expanse of intact tropical lowland rainforests, cloud draped mountains and steamy peatlands. It is among the most biodiverse and ancient ecosystems ever documented by science, and it is the last place where Sumatran orangutans, elephants, tigers, rhinos and sun bears still roam side by side.

But the Leuser Ecosystem exists at a tenuous crossroads. Despite being protected under Indonesian national law, massive industrial development for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations and mining threaten the entire ecosystem, as well as the continued wellbeing of the millions of Acehnese people who depend on it for their food, water and livelihoods.

Will you raise your voice today to call for the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem?

In November 2014, RAN exposed the links between the ‘Big Three Buyers’ of palm oil from the Leuser Ecosystem region—Wilmar International, Musim Mas Group and Golden Agri-Resources Ltd—and the destruction on the ground in Indonesia. Since then, all of the Big Three Buyers have publicly confirmed that they source from palm oil companies with operations in or near the Leuser Ecosystem and have begun initiatives to bring these palm oil companies into compliance with their responsible palm oil policies.

These actions are all steps in the right direction. However, despite these efforts, Conflict Palm Oil continues to expand into the heart of the rainforests and peatlands of the Leuser Ecosystem. Wilmar, Musim Mas and Golden Agri-Resources, and their customers in the Snack Food 20, remain at high risk of sourcing Conflict Palm Oil produced inside the Leuser Ecosystem. It is clear that more action is needed throughout the entire supply chain to effect real changes on the ground inside the Leuser Ecosystem.

Time is running out, especially in the lowland rainforests and the carbon-rich peatlands which are at the frontlines of Conflict Palm Oil expansion. We need these buyers to take urgent action to intervene and secure the permanent protection of the priceless Leuser Ecosystem. Given the scale of the climate and biodiversity crisis, we simply cannot afford to lose the Leuser Ecosystem.

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