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The negative impacts of LNG are affecting people & places all over the planet.


Australia's LNG Dreams
Australia had a dream to be the world’s number one exporter of LNG -- a dream that’s proven to be an expensive bust. The US is gearing up to do the same.

Defending the Last Clean Beach in Texas
The Rio Grande Valley, a diverse community on the last untouched beach on the Texas Gulf Coast, is threatened by three proposed fracked-gas export projects.


The global banking sector must stop #shortingtheclimate with #LNG.

Faced with a glut of gas, the U.S. market pivoted toward liquefied natural gas, which is fracked gas that is chilled and pressurized into a liquid so it can be transported overseas

Producers bet that exporting LNG would relieve the pressure valve on the market and raise the distressingly low price of domestic gas. Most importantly to U.S. gas producers, it would solve the existential crisis renewables pose to U.S. fracking by keeping the market alive. In the past five years, industry has doubled down on LNG export, applying for permits to convert existing regasification facilities for LNG import to liquefaction terminals for export.

Banks funding #LNG are betting that the world won't stop #climatechange #shortingtheclimate


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Bank profits shouldn’t come at the expense of communities, ecosystems, and the climate. #shortingtheclimate

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